Finding Your Subject

It’s time to zero in on a subject for your blog. It’s important to pick something you enjoy doing, but be careful with this. For instance, say you really love to shine the spokes on your bicycle. That’s all well and good, but if you blog about “Bicycle Spoke Shining” you’ll run out of material really fast! Opening up to “Bicycle Maintenance” might be a better choice. Blogging about things you are excited about is fun! People who read your blogs will feel your passion and become fans. Blogging about things you think other people are excited about is bad… People will feel you’re not one of them and won’t come back.

So how do you nail your subject down? Walk in to your nearest book store. What section draws you to it? Come on, you feel it pulling you… Is it Computers & Software? Science & Technology?  (Yeah, I’m a geek). Whatever it is, go there and look at the books in that section. Pull the ones that interest you. Look through them. Do they make a light go off in your brain? Bang! You found your passion!

You can do this by going to the Barnes & Noble website as well. Click “Books” in the upper left hand corner of their home screen… Then look through the “Books by Subject” column… Click on subjects that interest you and see where they lead. Many of the books are rated… See how many ratings they have (they indicate how many people are interested in the topic).

Spend some time on this. Go to as well. Search and research your topic. When you finally find a topic that makes you happy we’ll go on to the next step… how to select a name for your blog!

Whatcha Gonna Do?

Okay, I believe it’s safe to assume you want to start a blog… Otherwise you wouldn’t be here! What do you want to write about? That’s an important question! If you want to have a successful blog, you need something that has sustainability… Something you can write about day after day and never run out of material. For example… A blog about how to clean a clam would be hard to sustain… A blog about “Great Seafood Recipes” might be better (just saying!).

Here’s a homework assignment… (Yuck! Did he say homework! I’m outta here!)… OK, I’m sorry… Here’s a personal exploration awakening… Make a list of things you would like to blog about… No pressure here… We’ll try to help you select the topic that will work best for you in my next post!