Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Keywords

We’ve reached an important milestone in the creation of our new blog. We’re ready to give it a name! It’s true that if you write a great blog, people will come… eventually. If you pick a great name, woven with carefully chosen keywords, people will come faster!

Google offers a great keyword tool which is absolutely free. If you’d like to learn more about it, please “click here.” Beware! It’s easy to sink into the morass of the keyword jungle and never return! You can become so¬† mired down researching and analyzing keywords you’ll never produce anything!

I know another great tool for helping you pick a name for your blog. It’s a free program called Domain Samurai and you can find it by, “clicking here.” This program has extensive keyword support as well.

I don’t make a dime from endorsing the Google Keyword Tool or Domain Samurai. I’ve used both of them with great results and that’s the only reason I recommend them to you!

So here’s your next assignment. Using the Google Keyword Toolbox and Domain Samurai, find a domain name for your blog (like Try your best to find a name that ends with dot com. We’ll talk more about this in our next session!