Welcome to, “We Can Blog!”

Please excuse the smell… This blog is so new the paint hasn’t dried yet!

This is my eleventh blog. A few of my old ones still exist and I’ve deleted others. Here’s my problem… I pick a subject and start writing like crazy. I’ve so many ideas and things to write about! Then, around the fiftieth post, things start drying up. Panic sets in! I set up email alerts on Google for subject matter. I keep banging away, but it seems more like work than fun! Eventually I get flustered and just stop! Another blog bites the dust!

I felt guilty. I had followers, and people were making comments! We were having fun! What was I doing wrong? Why do I keep throwing everything to the wind and just run away? I did some research and found I’m not the only one… It’s estimated that somewhere between 75 to 99 percent of blogs become extinct in the first year! The exact number is hard to pin down because once someone decides to give up their blog it goes “poof!”. There’s not a trace of it left!

After some soul searching, and a little help from my guru’s, I figured it out! I was writing blogs about what I thought other people wanted to read. That’s wrong! You have to write blogs about what YOU like… and I like to teach! I’ve been a CPR instructor, a first aid instructor, a PADI/NAUI diving instructor, a safe driving instructor, a motorcycle safety instructor, a law enforcement field training officer, and a dad helping my kids with their homework. I’m a teacher and this blog is going to teach people how to write blogs!

And here’s the greatest secret about teaching… The teacher learns more from their students than the students learn from their teacher! So let’s jump into the blogging rabbit hole and embark on a writing adventure together!

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